One-hand source for standard and engineered products

Standard products

With a vast global network and access through advanced information technology systems to a wide range of aerospace commodity products from most manufacturers of

  • Consumables
  • Raw materials
  • Standard hardware
  • Many other maintenance products

we take responsibility for reliable material availability.

Engineered products

For cabin interior and cargo components we design customized solutions which start with the idea and end with a qualified serial product. Our expertise lies in selecting the appropriate:

  • Materials (metals, plastics, rubber)
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Heat and Surface treatment
  • Special inspections

Our knowledge in various processes and our cooperation with manufacturers qualified acc. to AS/EN 9100 allows us to use suitable sourcing to ensure your product availability.


Bushings / Washers


Quick Release Fasteners

Seat Track Attachments

Other Exempels